Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sorry i haven't ben posting latley. do you know why??

i am going 2 america!! yay!

i have been busy packing and doing laundry and all, and i haven't been on the computer that much!

And i wont be able to post for awhile, because i will be away, but please come back when i do!!

Oh, and just to let you know, my cold went away!! just in time!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i need to help my brother!

my brother decided that he wants to make a blog.... that none of you will probably care about (its about videogames!!) but just in case you (or someone else you know!) likes videogames, check him out!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

whatever dinner menu

over at my mom's blog, she has a Menu Plan Monday from the organized junkie, but since i can't control the menu in my house (being 13 and all) i can every now and then i can choose something to make for dinner, and, yay! tonight is one of those nights! i chose to make tacos!

when i do this whole blog-dinner thing, i'll usually give you a recipe, but tacos are pretty easy!!

1 pound beef/hamburger, 1/4 cup taco seasoning, and a small splash of water, perfect taco meat.

well thats it for today!!


what's a big word for tired?

I. am. exhausted.

Ok, so i complained a little bit about doing alot of chores.... BIG mistake.

My mom screamed at me and told me that i had to do all the chores in the whole house for three days.... yep. EVERYTHING. from doing the dishes and the laundry and mopping and dusting and taking garbage to the dumpster, making dinner and cleaning the house, i was so tired.

but on top of all that, i also had to do 6 subjects in school, i had a cold, and my back was aching.
by 9:00, i still had to clean up dinner, load and then unload the dishwasher, and clean the kitchen. i was pooped!

but luckly, my mom noticed and cut me a break. i only had to do one day of work,.yippie!!

and you havent even heard my night yet.

i went to bed late, because of my cold and i couldn't sleep. and i also woke up early because my dad wakes up at like 4:30 every morning because of his job. he has the LOUDEST alarm ever... his phone. but i was (for some reason) already awake, but the alarm pretty much finished the job.

i better get a good night's sleep before my 17 hour plane ride back home!


A quick game...

Here's a little game i picked up on my moms blog,


Outside My Window...the birds are chirping about and wondering why I haven't put out more bird seed for them.

I am thinking... about how long the plane ride is... 17 hours!

I am thankful for... friends in miami =]

I am wearing... my pajamas

I am creating... paintings

I am going... to America! in FIVE days!

I am reading... "the westing game", joshua" and i just finished "and then there were none"

I am hoping... for alot of things!

I am hearing... quietness...i have the house all to myself!

Around the house... empty
One of my favorite things... hmmm.... Probably my pillowy doll i had since i was a baby

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: pack,pack,pack!!
oh, i probably should mention the woman who posted this, "the simple woman".

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a quick little intro...

Hey guys!

just a lil bit bout myself....

my name is emily
i tend to somtimes type like a real teenager
i moved from miami fl, to doha qatar

And any questions you ask i'll be happy to anwser

keep reading!


Just a few pix

Look at all that green!! Oh, wait a sec.....

This picture is of the skyline ^^ which is pretty visible from alot of places in doha. And i also heard that they are building a 151 story tower here.....

I think this one ^^ is the funniest thing ever! I have actually seen camels!

Ok. i know none of you care about this.... you're probably wondering what it is. I'll tell you. We see this every day on our way home. It is a hole in the wall. Now, my mom thinks that it looks completly, 100% like a cat. And my brother thinks it looks like africa(??). But I, on the other hand, think it looks like a hole in the wall. Comment telling me what you think...