Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what's a big word for tired?

I. am. exhausted.

Ok, so i complained a little bit about doing alot of chores.... BIG mistake.

My mom screamed at me and told me that i had to do all the chores in the whole house for three days.... yep. EVERYTHING. from doing the dishes and the laundry and mopping and dusting and taking garbage to the dumpster, making dinner and cleaning the house, i was so tired.

but on top of all that, i also had to do 6 subjects in school, i had a cold, and my back was aching.
by 9:00, i still had to clean up dinner, load and then unload the dishwasher, and clean the kitchen. i was pooped!

but luckly, my mom noticed and cut me a break. i only had to do one day of work,.yippie!!

and you havent even heard my night yet.

i went to bed late, because of my cold and i couldn't sleep. and i also woke up early because my dad wakes up at like 4:30 every morning because of his job. he has the LOUDEST alarm ever... his phone. but i was (for some reason) already awake, but the alarm pretty much finished the job.

i better get a good night's sleep before my 17 hour plane ride back home!



Leeann said...

1) I bet you don't complain again for a long while!

2) It's good that you are tired b/c you are more likely to sleep on the plane!

17 hours = BORING if you don't spend some of that time sleeping!


Nancy M. said...

It's not so fun being an adult is it? I can't even imagine a plane ride as long as that! I hope it's a good flight.

Debbie said...

You are too funny! What a life! This is such a great idea for you to vent on your very own blog. I'm going to have to share this with my friends and maybe they will encourage their own kids to blog. It's a great way to learn about the internet, life in a variety of placees and to connect with other people.

Keep up the good work...and thanks for visiting my blog!

Jennifer said...

I agree with you. Making you do everything for 3 days is out of line! Yoy were tired and didn't feel well. Don't we all complain when we are not at 100%? I am sorry for you. You mom is unfair.

From a 40 year old mom of 3

Tracye said...

I hope you're feeling better now!

And that the plane ride (17 hours???) goes quickly for you, but that your time in USA doesn't!

Catherine said...

Yep. It's a bummer when consequences like that happen. I'm seeing it from the mom's side, but I bet you learned some important stuff. I'm enjoying your blog!!


P.S. Enjoy your trip - Take a really good book for the flight!