Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a quick little intro...

Hey guys!

just a lil bit bout myself....

my name is emily
i tend to somtimes type like a real teenager
i moved from miami fl, to doha qatar

And any questions you ask i'll be happy to anwser

keep reading!



Mom To Six said...

Hi Emily,

I've been reading your Mom's blog for a couple of weeks now.

Wow...I didn't realized you guys had moved from Miami. I've lived in Miami all my life and we now life in Ft. Myers, FL.

Leeann said...

Hi Emily!

I'm looking forward to following your blog!


Nancy M. said...

Hey Emily! Welcome to blogland!

Lynn said...

Hi Emily,

Welcome to blogging! I came here from your mom's site. I just started blogging myself less than a month ago. It's been fun. I read on your mom's blog that someone is making roasted chicken for dinner. Would that be you? Yum. I looooove roasted chicken. :)

Debbie said...

Hi Emily,

I'm so glad that you are venturing out and starting a blog. I've been reading your mom's blog lately but would love to hear from your perspective about where you live and how you are adapting to life in a foreign country. I will continue to check in with you.

Happy blogging!